What it Means to Have Balance in Your Life

Before you can answer the question of what it means to have balance in your life, it first needs to be defined. Having balance is having time for what matters to you.  Sometimes this focus changes as people go through certain “seasons” of life.  Some of these “seasons” might be caring for an infant, taking college courses, training for a marathon.  These “seasons” consume more of their time, and they might not feel in balance.  They work at achieving balance over the long term.  

Defining Balanced Living

When I answer the question what it means to have balance in my life, I look at longer periods of time.  Balanced living means giving time to aspects of your life that are important to you. During the years when our kids were growing up, we worked at having balance, even though it was hectic.  We juggled working, raising kids, exercising, attending kid games and activities, having a little time for ourselves, etc. We strived to have balance by making time for things that were priorities.

When we became empty nesters, our balance seemed easier to achieve.  We had more time to focus on what was important to us. We had more flexibility and control of our time.

Balance is when your actions and activities are in line with your values and goals.  As we ebb and flow through life some days are more balanced than others. Daily life is not about perfection but about working towards having time for your priorities.

Fitness Life By Design focuses on balanced living with exercise, healthy eating and positive mindset.  Envision a three-legged stool. These 3 legs or principles take time and energy, but these activities align with my values of living a healthy life.

How would you answer what it means to have balance in your life? As a coach, I can help you in your journey.

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