Balanced Living

I like the term balanced living because it refers to a process or voyage that we are on in life. Balance means there are different elements working together to keep us steady and on track. The proportions of these elements are always changing depending on what we are doing but they equalize over time to give us stability.

I like to envision a three legged stool. I am on the top of the stool working on living a healthy, balanced life. The three legs holding me up or giving me stability are:

  • Exercise and Fitness
  • Healthy Eating
  • Reflection

We all need support as we navigate life. Because we are individuals, support looks different for each of us. Do you need support with habits, dealing with change, behaviors, new skills, etc.? Or, are you ready to jump in to exercise, fitness and healthy eating?

Why do we focus on balanced living? Because we are all worthy of looking and feeling our best. If you are interested in Fitness Life Coaching, come join me!