A Long-Term Strategy that Leads to a Healthy Lifestyle

A Long-Term Strategy that Leads to a Healthy Lifestyle

There are many benefits to developing a long-term strategy that leads to a healthy lifestyle. Being healthy is a way of life, not a short term, quick fix.  Developing a game plan will assist in achieving that objective.

A gal I work with has been leading an “unhealthy lifestyle” (her words) most of her adult life.   She finally had enough discomfort that she was willing to and looking for a change.  However, once she made up her mind, she wanted immediate results.   She wanted to feel better, get stronger, and lose weight overnight. A healthy lifestyle just doesn’t work like that.  It took her several years to get to where she is now.  It will take her laying a foundation and focusing on core elements to move toward a healthy lifestyle.  Here are a few items that can be included in her game plan for success.

Core Elements:

Physical Activity vs. Exercise

Some people do not like to sweat or do physical exertion.  Exercise turns them off.  So, don’t exercise.  Instead, bring in some form of physical activity that you like. It can be as simple as walking, that is a great way to keep moving.  Bring a fun movement into your lifestyle.  People tend to repeat what is fun and what feels good to them.

Drink Water

Nothing replaces the benefits of drinking water.  Drinking liquids made with water such as lemonade is not the same a drinking pure water. Water is vital for life and helps to perform functions in the body relating to your heart, skin, cells, to name a few.  Staying hydrated also increases energy levels.

Value Mindfulness

Quiet time, meditation, and time to unplug is powerful to help one rejuvenate. Taking breaks from the intensity in life can help to lower stress.

Prioritize Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is the most important thing you can do for your body.  Sleep is a restorative process.  It also helps you to burn more fat, have more energy and feel more active.

Develop Healthy Connections

Review current relationships.  Do the people you spend time with support you and your goals? Do they back your quest for long term changes toward a healthy lifestyle?

These core elements help with the foundation of a long-term strategy that leads to a healthy lifestyle. Accountability coaching can help you implement them.

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