3 Hip and Thigh Exercises for Functional Fitness

Being flexible helps to improve functional fitness.  Functional fitness means doing movements that are similar to everyday actions. Think about sweeping the floor, cleaning the bathroom mirror, or lifting a bag of groceries. We use multiple muscle groups to complete these tasks.  Functional exercise builds strength and stability. It incorporates multi directional moves. Staying fit and strong in your lower body is essential.  For starters, here are 3 hip and thigh exercises for functional fitness.

As one exercises, proper form is important.  The correct positioning can help prevent muscle strain and injury. Engaging and stabilizing your core is vital. Move only targeted muscles. Working on the targeted muscles is efficient. And, it reduces wasted movements.  The better the form, the better the results.

3 Exercises for the Hips and Thighs:

  • Fire Hydrant- it is a great exercise that can help to tone your glutes (the muscles in your buttocks). Having strong glutes can improve your posture. It can reduce back pain.
  • Side Lunge/lateral lunge- can help to increase flexibility and strengthen your thigh muscles. 
  • Lateral Leg Raise- works on pushing the leg away from your midline. It can help to build strength in the outer thighs and hip abductors.
Lateral Leg Raise
    Fire Hydrant
     Side Lunge/lateral lunge

Begin slowly. Check with your health care provider as you increase your intensity level.  Start with 2 sets of 5 of each exercise. Work up to 3 sets of 10 reps of each exercise. Repeat the 3 hip and thigh exercises for functional fitness on both legs.

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