What is Your Why for Certain Activities?

What is your why for certain activities?  Why do you choose to do them? Since your WHY drives your actions, it is important to be clear and concise on why you believe in something.  My why is to live an active and healthy lifestyle.  Fitness is a major component of that. 

I want to remain as healthy and fit as possible. Spending time daily exercising and engaging in a variety of exercise activities is important to me.  I make a commitment to do something every single day.  Here is my list of why I do this.

My Why Behind Exercise:

  • Feel energized
  • Honor daily routine
  • Stay clear minded
  • Experience less stress
  • Increase confidence level
  • Age gracefully
  • Stay active

This list drives me. Exercise completes my day, and it gives me the sense of fulfillment. It drives me to get out of bed in the morning, to put on my shoes and get started.

In the book, Start with Why, Simon Sinek talks about how our why inspires us to take action. He says, “It all starts with clarity.  You have to know why you do what you do.” You have to have something bigger to inspire you.  I don’t run just to exercise, I run and exercise so I can be fit and live a healthy lifestyle.

Do you have clarity? What is your why? Can you articulate it?  Having a belief system creates a strong connection between what you intrinsically believe and the actions you choose to take.

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