Are You Present in the Moment?

Are you present in the moment? Are you aware of what is happening around you or are you thinking about the next hour, tomorrow, or what is on your to do list?  If you spend your time in the future, you will miss things that are happening around you. 

Here is an example:

Sometimes when my grandkids come to visit, I miss out on a special moment.  I am not happy when this happens. My mind tends to be on the meal.  I have come to realize that fixing a fancy meal is not a priority at that time because it takes my mind off of my grandkids and their activities. I want to be focused on them during their visits.

Mindfulness means you maintain awareness of your thoughts, feelings, and choices.  You are aware or conscious of the present moment and what you are sensing currently. Some people have so much on their minds that it really hinders their ability to be mindful and present.  They might not feel in control because their thoughts are going in all directions.

Breathing activities can help provide calmness which can help one to be more present. 

Here is a suggested activity:

Take in a long deep breath.  Breath in for a count of 3.  Then, breath out for a count of 7.  Repeat several times. 3 deep in, 7 out, 3 in and 7 out. This deep breathing might make you feel a little lightheaded but that extra air to your brain can help you think more clearly and assist in obtaining mindfulness to be present.

I was at a neighbor’s house once when her husband came home from work.  She too had just gotten home and was very intent on going through the mail.  He wanted her attention to share a funny story, she was distracted by the mail.  I share this story as a reminder to myself that I want to be present in the moment.

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