Remain Calm in the Middle of Chaos

It is March of 2021 and everyone has been dealing with COVID and the pandemic for 1 year.  I work with principals and teachers and have seen some of the things they have gone through this past year. To all the educators, medical staff, first responders, and everyone else on the front lines who has had to remain calm in the middle of chaos, I send blessings and gratitude.

I was in a school building working with the administrators and staff a year ago on what became their last day of school.  The principal received emails constantly throughout the day as the district made decisions on the health and safety of their community.  It was a crazy and very fluid situation. As the leader, the principal did a great job of remaining calm as she processed the information and communicated with her team.

Most everyone has experienced times of uncertainty and chaos. People usually are reactive in these situations.  However, if you can prepare for these times it can help you react in a more proactive and stable manner.  Here are a few ideas.

5 Tips on how to Remain Calm in the Middle of Chaos:

  • Be the calm around the confusion
    • You have a choice as to how you will behave. Choose to be calm, it helps you think more clearly and make better decisions.
  • Prepare for the worst moments
    • Know that unexpected times will happen and practice how you will react.
  • Be willing to be uncomfortable
    • You do not need to have all the answers, give yourself permission to feel discomfort, think, and plan your course of action.
  • Don’t get flustered
    • Take deep breaths, a clear mind can help in decision making.
  • Take perfection off the table
    • Put some perspective in the situation, go with the flow.

Unexpected times will happen. Keeping a clear head and a calm mind can help you navigate tough situations.

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