ABC’s of a Healthy Mindset

I have been working with a gal on developing and working towards her Fitness Life Goals.  She wants to make changes to her body, as well as her eating and drinking habits.  During our coaching sessions the conversation always comes back to her healthy mindset, how she talks to and believes in herself.

Recently she sent me an exciting text about her accomplishments.  She said that the ABC’s of a Healthy Mindset we discussed were helping her redirect her thinking and self-narrative. 

Here is a summary of the ABC’s. 


  • Believe in yourself
  • Say positive things to yourself
  • Take time to do deep soul searching-the time invested will pay off


  • Learn from your past behaviors; you can choose to recreate yourself at any time
  • Past behaviors do NOT define your future self
  • Change happens only when you change your daily behaviors


  • You have the power to make different choices
  • You can choose to put your happiness and health first
  • You can choose to think about yourself differently
  • You can make a different narrative in your mind

She has control of her attitude, behaviors and choices. Instead of the person of her past, she can be someone new; she can be the person of her dreams.  She can do the hard work to create new habits and reinvent herself!

Do you say the ABC’s of a Healthy Mindset to yourself daily?

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