Maintaining Your Fitness Journey

A new fitness plan, like anything else that you start, is exciting and energizing.  After a while however, like other new initiatives, sometimes the enthusiasm wears off, lack of interest creeps in, and maintaining your fitness journey is over. Oops…..this has happened to many of us.

The best predictor of the future is to look back at past behavior. How you responded in the past is a good guide to how you will react in the future.  To help make changes in your routines and habits, here are a few questions to ask yourself.

Are you enjoying the fitness activity that you choose? 

As I have said, I am a runner and LOVE my run days.  I know many people that running is just not for them.  Choose an activity that interests you. There are so many exercises to choose from, it is important to choose something you like, and will look forward to doing.

Do you track your progress?

I have a few notebooks that I have used in the past to write down my workouts. You could write down or track your activity, time, distance, and weather. It is fun look back on your fitness journey and see how far you have come. There are so many apps to choose from that I now track my progress and look at my history in a running app.

Who are your accountability partners?

It is important to have connections when keeping up your fitness journey.  If you go to the gym or take a group class, find a group of people who show up at the same time you do and befriend them.  Walk, run, bike with friends.  I have had several “running” friends through the years.

Are you making healthy eating choices?

Your healthy body starts in the kitchen.  Stocking your refrigerator and cabinets with protein, healthy carbs, fruits and vegetables is a good foundation for your fitness goals.

Do you have a goal in mind?

Establishing a goal, (to walk 3 days a week, to lift weights 2 days a week) will give you something to work towards.  Start with a small achievable goal (walk for 5 min) that you can accomplish in a short amount of time.  Celebrate that accomplishment and then add to or increase your goal. 

Since our past behavior is the best predictor of our future results, looking back helps in maintaining your fitness goal. Besides these 5 questions, what other questions have you asked yourself to help you stay on track?

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