Readjust After Disappointing Situations

Many times, things do not to go as planned.  Life seems to have a mind of its own.  When this happens, it is important to have a plan to readjust after disappointing situations.

In our 31 years of marriage, we have moved 8 times for my husband’s job.  I went through a job search each time we moved, that’s a lot of job searching.  I remember a few times when I really wanted a certain job and KNEW it was perfect for me, but I did not get it.  The first time this happened I was devastated! The other times I was sad but more prepared for the disappointment.

Many times, life does not go as planned.  It is important to brush yourself off, make readjustments, and try to move on. 

5 actions that can help with readjusting:

  • Review the situation with an open mind.  It might not have been the right timing. 
  • Process what has happened.  Take time to feel the disappointment, vent and then MOVE on.  Don’t get stuck on complaining or venting about it for months and years. The outcome can’t be changed. Think about ways to readjust and make this work for you.
  • Look for the blessings in the situation.  I know one specific job that I did not get lead to another wonderful job with a different company.
  • Look for the lessons, and what you can learn from this experience or disappointment.  Apply the lesson the next time things don’t go as planned.
  • Plan in advance what you will say to yourself when you face disappointment.  “I am a looser” is not acceptable.”  “I am disappointed I did not get the job” is appropriate.

Life is fluid and being flexible helps to navigate the twists and turns along the way.  The planned course of action or events usually do not happen.  Knowing how to readjust and learn from disappointing situations is a great life skill.

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