Pay It Forward

I love the concept of Pay It Forward. It is a fun activity every day to look for an opportunity to give.  Being the recipient of this gift is a blessing, but it is also a blessing to be the giver.

We have received many pay it forward gifts during our lives and we were so thankful for them.  Many of them came at just the right time for our challenging situations. The biggest blessing comes however when you become the giver.  Being a giver does not always have a financial cost attached to it. It usually involves the cost of kindness and the cost of time.   The act of giving provides you with a wonderful feeling and I truly believe “it is better to give than it is to receive.”

Many people have shared with me their stories of how others have helped them. Some of their stories are bulleted below. As we live our lives and look for opportunities to give, the list can give us ideas and reminders.

Pay It Forward Ideas:

  • Provide a meal for a family in need
  • Shovel a neighbor’s driveway or help them with fall leaves
  • Deliver a pizza to a friend after a hard day
  • Donate unused PTO to colleagues who need it
  • Grocery shop for those who can’t
  • Buy diapers for the gal in line who is struggling
  • Open the door for someone
  • Get out two shopping carts, one for you and one for the person behind you
  • Give someone a smile and a nod
  • Open up your house to a family in crisis
  • Donate your extra resources to others (money, coats, shoes, socks, blankets, etc.)
  • Support and shop local businesses and farmer markets

What other stories can you add to the list? How did you Pay It Forward today?  My goal is to look for an opportunity each day to surprise someone with One Good Deed.

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