Develop A New Belief

What causes new actions to be sustainable?  Sometimes when people start a healthy habit or initiative within weeks the action begins to subside, and the initiative is diminished. They loose the energy and excitement and fall back into their old comfortable routines.   If you want to sustain that energy, the key is to develop a new belief.   

The development of a new belief system can help with sustainability. It helps to increase buy-in and can help keep you on track. The new belief becomes the why behind the changes.  Without the “why” driving the daily actions the “how” can lose its impact.


Developing a new belief can help to navigate change. Change can occur if the individual wanting to change sees the need and feels some level of discomfort with their present state.  Since change is a long process, having a change in mindset will also help prepare for the obstacles and setbacks that will challenge the journey.  One is more likely to sustain the new actions if the new belief is aligned with it.


Let’s say you want to get a better night’s sleep. Currently you believe that sleep does not matter to your overall health, so it has not been a priority. Your actions match that belief and you do not protect your sleep time. 

You now see it as a priority.  You change your mindset or belief about sleep.  Your new belief is that a good night’s sleep is the foundation for a healthy lifestyle.  Because of this, you change your nightly routine. The changes will still not be easy, but now you have the mindset to help you stay on track. The new belief helps you sustain these new actions for a healthy future. It helps as you develop a new bedtime routine.

Changing your mindset to develop a new belief is essential.  There is a strong connection between what you intrinsically believe and the actions you take. Your belief is the component that can help with sustainability.

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