Put Your Beliefs into Practice to Stay on Track

A gal I have been coaching told me about her softball coach from college. The coach was the go-to knowledge expert in the area.  He was good at teaching the team skills and had great game day strategy.  He had learned his craft from books and from watching others play.   However, he was not athletic and had never played the game himself.  His assistant coach was the exact opposite.  She had played the game for years and gathered her knowledge and expertise from trial and error.  She learned from doing and practicing.  With their two different styles, they made a great pair and led the team to championships. Together, they put their beliefs into practice.

As I thought about this story, I realized that I am a practitioner.  I let my purpose guide my days and have learned by putting my beliefs into acton. I have also learned from my failures and successes.  Sure, I have learned from books, Blogs, coaches and other resources but I have gained most of my knowledge just from putting one foot in front of the other.  I live what I believe.

There are many theories or ways to live your beliefs. But it is sometimes hard to stay on the path. Here are my top five ways for keeping on track and living what you believe.

Celebrate or recognize your effort instead of focusing on the outcome

  • Honor the steps or milestones of your journey
  • Praise the endeavor and what you are aiming for

Use if-then statements for implementation

  • If I get off track, then I will be more intentional the next day
  • If I don’t get my dishes done tonight, then I will do them first thing in the morning

Seek the help of others along the way

  • Sharing with others will help clarify the focus of your journey
  • Providing support for others will help you feel valued

Embrace the struggle

  • Acknowledge that you will have challenges
  • Go with the flow, recognize the ups and downs

Take time to recharge, do something for yourself

  • Spend time outside
  • Meditate
  • Read a book
  • Snuggle with the ones you love

Be intentional about putting your beliefs into practice. Keep your eyes and heart open and learn along the way.  Once you find your resolve, others will jump on board in support of your efforts. Honor the journey.

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