Live a Life of purpose

It has been said that the purpose of life is to have a life of purpose. That is one powerful statement. I wonder if I let my purpose guide my actions every day. Do I do one good deed for someone else every day?

When I talk to others about their purpose, I encourage them to look at their calendars.  What is written down? What is scheduled?  How do they spend their time? Does their intended purpose coincide with how they spend their days? You can tell someone’s purpose or intention by looking at how they choose to spend their time.

7 Considerations

Here are 7 things to consider as you determine if you are living your life of purpose.

  • Meaning and purpose
    • Meaning and purpose defined in your mind?
    • Is it written down?
    • Do you talk about it with others?
  • Self-realization
    • Clear picture of who you are?
    • What your strengths are and what you have to offer?
    • Where do you want to grow?
  • Self-esteem
    • Autonomy in your relationships?
    • Skills and ability to complete something successfully?
    • Know when to say I’m ok, and know when to say I need help?
  • Stress and anxiety
    • At low or high levels?
    • If they are high, what steps are you taking to lower these?
    • What is something you need to say NO to?
  • Clear values
    • You know what is important to you, your top priorities
    • When you know what you believe in, making decisions is easy
  • Positive relationships
    • Intentional choices about who you spend time with?
    • Bring joy to those who surround you?
  • Optimism
    • You have a positive mindset, outlook
    • Choose to find the good in all situations

As you self-reflect on these 7 attributes, would you say you have purpose in your life?  Does your calendar reflect this?  Are you living your life of purpose? 

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