10 Habits to Support a Healthy Lifestyle

There is so much information on why, how and what you should do to live a healthy lifestyle.  It can be overwhelming to know where to start. Here are some suggestions on 10 habits to support a healthy lifestyle.

The intention is not to start on all 10 at once and then loose steam.  The intention is to pick and circle the top 2 or 3 items that are important to you. Focus on these areas.  Create new habits on your priority areas.  Then, pick a couple more areas to concentrate on.  Life is a journey. Give yourself permission to enjoy the journey and make sustainable changes incrementally.

10 Habits to Support a Healthy Lifestyle List

  • Eat whole foods most of the time
    • Follow the 80/20 rule
  • Concentrate on eating protein, vegetables and fruit
    • Plan your meals around how you will eat these
  • Eat your appropriate number of calories, do not overeat
    • Be mindful as to the quantity of food you consume
  • Do some kind of movement every day
    • Talk a walk around the neighborhood
  • Get 7-8 hours of sleep each night
    • Put cell phones and electronics away at least one hour before bed time
  • Drink half your body weight in ounces of water every day
    • 100 lb. person should drink 50 oz of water a day
  • Manage and reduce the stress in your life
    • Reflect on what you can or should let go of
  • Stop smoking and reduce excessive alcohol use
    • Do not overlook these areas
  • Get your finances in order
  • Create healthy relationships
    • Avoid time with toxic acquittances

Review your priority list often, post it on your bathroom mirror, refrigerator or desk. Share your list with others so they can be supportive and encouraging. Look for mentors that can give you pointers and advise.  Have prepared words to say to yourself when you experience disappointments.  “I can get up and try again” vs. “I can never achieve anything.” Most importantly, expect setbacks and develop a plan for getting back on track.

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