Are You Too Comfortable?

We like our familiar routines and habits. Doing things that are familiar gives us comfort.  Think of your morning routine. Do you do about the same thing every morning?  I sure do and I find my routine comforting.

There is nothing wrong with being comfortable.  It gives you a sense of security and stability. The time to be concerned is when you get too complacent.


Complacency means a person is not taking something serious that needs attention.

A complacent person is content and is not willing to make changes.  Consequently, they are too accepting of the way things are even when it might not be good for them. 

Complacent Examples

I have a friend who drinks at least 5 diet cokes a day.  She has had this habit for years and is very comfortable with her routine.  She is complacent.

Even though her Dr. talks to her about making changes, she ignores the guidance because she is OK with the situation. She is not willing to try something different or make improvements.

Here is another story from a friend.  Her father was a smoker and smoked for years.  He was comfortable and ok with this habit.  Even with warnings from his Dr. he was too complacent and not willing to make changes. 

It was not until he had a stroke that he stopped smoking.  Most importantly, it was not until he had enough discomfort (the stroke) that he was willing to make a change.

Addressing Areas Of Need

Are you too comfortable with certain areas of life? Are there aspects that need your attention? Above all, can you make changes, and be willing to go outside your comfort zone in order to address these needs?

Habits and routines are comforting and the stability they provide is good. Your comfort however, should not hinder you from addressing areas that need attention.

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