You can Choose to Bloom Where You Are Planted

I was outside weeding the other day and noticed a little Hosta growing in a most peculiar place.  It was growing in our brick staircase.  It reminded me of a saying that goes something like… you can choose to bloom where you are planted.

The Hosta took advantage of the small amount of nutrients that helped it grow.  It had the courage to flourish in a rough spot and made the best of its position.  It did not complain about where it landed or its current situation.  The little Hosta was given a small opportunity and was grateful for the space it was given.  The plant had confidence in its abilities to thrive. 

Are you like that little plant?  Do you take the smallest opportunities to grow? Do you see hope? Or do you look at the situation and say not a chance, and you wait and wish for the perfect placement and condition?  Below are some tips to refer to that might help in challenging situations.


  • Revisit your why
    • Think about your ultimate goals and desires.  Let those be your guide.  Use them as motivators to move forward
  • Be courageous
    • You know the saying; it is better to try and fail then to never have tried at all
  • Fill your brain with positive thoughts
    • Life is all about your mindset.  if you believe you can do it, you have a greater chance for success
  • Find value in what you have
    • Instead of focusing on what you wish you had, be thankful for what you do have
  • The sun will shine on you
    • Situations might look bleak or grim now, it could look different tomorrow or the next day.
  • What is the cost of not trying?
    • What will you miss out on in life if you are waiting for that fictional “perfect” situation?

You have choices and opportunities. You can choose to bloom where you are planted like the little Hosta or choose to sit on the sidelines and wait.

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