Focus on Your Exercising

The weather is turning warmer and spring is just around the corner.  It could be time to get back outside and focus on your exercising. 

People schedule things that are important to them.  They schedule zoom calls, Dr. appointments, travel, time with family and friends.  Do the same thing with your workout routine.  Get out your phone and put exercise time on your calendar.

Some people have certain places in their house for specific items.  These items might be placed for easy access or as reminders.  Pick a spot for your work out gear.  Put it where you will see it often, so it serves as a reminder. Try the laundry room or a closet.

Doing things with friends makes activities more fun.  The activity might be replacing a water pipe, raking leaves, or doing a workout together.  Plan exercise time with a friend.  Add a park visit and walk to your monthly girls’ night out. 

Many people report they have been sedimentary during this hard winter.  It could be hard to get motivated to get back to an exercise routine.  Instead of saying you will do an activity for 30 min, try it out for just 10 min.  Sometimes, 10 minutes is just right and sometimes you will feel you could go further.  Also, it is better to walk for 10 min then 0 minutes. You can also walk for 10 min. 3 different times during the day.

What you say to yourself is also important.  Saying “I GET to exercise” has a very different meaning than “I HAVE to exercise.”  Other sayings might be “Use it or lose it,” or “Dare to be great.” Pick a saying that can be repetitive and motivating in your mind.

Summary of Focus Ideas

  • Schedule time on your calendar
  • Put all your workout gear where you can easily access it  
  • Plan exercise time with a friend
  • Be flexible with your exercise schedule
  • Pick a saying that is motivating

Life is full of ups and downs.  This is also true about exercising.  Be prepared for periods when your focus is not as strong as other times.  Expect this and refer to the focus ideas as you work through it.  

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