People We Meet on the Trail

Since we like to hike, we spend time hiking many days on our trips. Looking at the scenery and appreciating nature is wonderful.  We love the forests, lakes, bluffs, tall grass plains, beaches, rocks cliffs, canyons, mountains, etc.  We take many pictures as memories of our day and surroundings.  I also love to talk to others and learn about the people we meet on the trail.  Some of these acquittances have turned out to be our friends that we keep in touch with while others are short term friends that we visit with and then never see again.

Here is a short list of some of our recent encounters.

People we meet:

  • Couple from San Antonio, Texas who travel in their van 6-8 months a year.
  • Guy from Los Angeles who is really from New Jersey and is teaching college and getting is PHD in International Studies.
  • Man from New Jersey who takes pictures with a 1955 35 MM camera with real film.  He works for the government and did not give any specifics!
  • Friends from college, that we ran into several times at different National Parks, who are traveling across America for 3 months. He will then move to NY to act and she will move to Austria as a Fulbright Scholar.
  • Gal and her friend from Connecticut who are traveling across the USA in her 1995 Starwagon named Vanny DeVito. The steering wheel is on the right side of her van like European cars.
  • Newlyweds from Manhattan, Kansas (where Steve is from). He is an agricultural appraiser and was talking on the phone about a grain elevator on the trail.
  • Couple from Baton Rouge who will retire within the year, he is a nuclear engineer.  They are headed soon to the US Open in New York.
  • Guys from Oklahoma who drive around the county escorting oversize loads on the highways.
  • Gals from Billings, Montana who are going to the University. One is studying small business management and the other is in aeronautical engineering to be a pilot.

There are so many more stories.  I love learning about others and sharing moments of time with them.  I will continue to greet and talk to people we meet on the trail.  Hopefully I will meet up and talk with you one day!

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