Friends are Good for My Soul

What people do you surround yourself with? With whom do you choose to spend time?   Take an inventory of who you surround yourself with and how they are good for your soul.

Different Groups

I have a few different groups of friends that represent different aspects of my life. What a blessing each group is.  These groups get together in different ways. Here are a few examples: In one group, it is gals only.  We never include our spouses. In another group, it is always a couple’s activity.  For my 5 AM running and exercise friends, I dress every differently and go without makeup.

Recently, I was with one of my groups of girlfriends.  It is comforting to share the joys and trials or “peaks and pits” of life. We all live relatively healthy lives without much trauma or chaos. But, let me be clear, that is not to say we live life without hard situations. Every time we get together our conversation is different. Sometimes we talk about light topics and daily routines.  Other times we talk about life’s difficulties or major hardships. We also celebrate the joys of life.

Benefits of Connections

Each group is just good for my soul. They are some of the most important blessings in my life. I am developing a list of why they are so important.  Here are some of the best benefits:

  • Feeling comforted and loved after our gatherings
  • Having a warm feeling knowing others have faced and survived some similar challenges
  • Learning new ideas or new ways of looking at things
  • Appreciating the confidential, safe place to talk and share
  • Knowing you have continued support and acceptance
  • Having a sense of fulfillment and strength to power on in life

Take Inventory

What groups do you have in your life?  Who do you choose to surround yourself with and spend your time with?  Do they fulfill different needs in your life? Are they good for your soul?

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