“Just Settle In” for Now

“Just settle in” she said.  “Just settle in and enjoy what has been created.”  I was talking with a gal, a professional, a wife, a mother of two primary aged children about her upcoming 40th Birthday and 10th Wedding Anniversary.

She spent her 20’s learning and exploring life.   Her 30’s were for building, defining and growing in different aspects.  Her journey has not always been easy.  What I love most is her ability to honestly self-reflect, set goals and implement a plan to succeed.  This all sounds easy, but again, there were many hard “peaks and pits” along the way.  She has the determination, commitment, and ability to pick herself up and continue to move forward.  These traits have helped her turn the hard times into good times.  She is now ready to “just settle in”. 

What this means for her, her husband, and their young family is that she now takes time for herself.  Some of the things on her list to live her fitness life to its fullest are:

  • Writes daily in a Gratitude Journal
  • Strives to find her work and home balance
  • Talks about “peaks and pits” (her terms) each night at dinner
  • Keeps track of new routines or activities until they become habits
  • Focuses on exercise and fitness
  • Takes time for skin and hair care

These are the areas important to her.  They help to provide her with balance and stability.  As she begins to settle into her next decade, she does so with clarity and conviction. 

What is on your “just settle in” list?  What will you do to live your fitness life to its fullest potential?

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