My Spinach Obsession

Am I over the top when it comes to my spinach obsession?  I love fresh spinach and eat it on everything as evident in Do You Want Spinach With That?

I find myself running to the store a few times a week to buy another container of spinach.  Running out or living a day without it is not an option, especially with my breakfast routine.

Recently, however, I seem to have gone even more over the top.

My Spinach Story

I went out of town unexpectedly for two days.  I had just finished a container of spinach and had a new one in the refrigerator.  I did not want to leave the fresh spinach at home while I was gone. So, I put about half of it in the container I’d just finished and left the rest behind. 

My back seat was full of my luggage and essentials, so the spinach rode in the front seat next to me (geez).

On my trip, I spent the night at two different locations about an hour apart.  At each place, I carried my spinach in the house and put it in the refrigerator to keep it fresh. 

My low point was when I was making the drive from one location to the next.  I had not eaten much spinach that day so thought I would eat some. 

While driving in a very small town, I grabbed a big handful of spinach to put in my mouth.  At the same moment, the stop light in front of me turned red. I felt so silly when the local man in the pickup truck next to me looked over and did a double take.  I am sure he was wondering what I was trying to stuff into my mouth that was green and all over the place.

I was so tickled at the situation, I just started laughing.  I know I looked ridiculous! 

Lesson Learned

Later, on my drive home, I thought, who leaves town and brings their own spinach?  And, who drives with spinach next to them in the front seat?  Well, I guess I do!

To make things worse, I forgot my spinach when I left.  I left it in the refrigerator at the second house. So, I could not eat more on the drive home.

Hopefully my spinach obsession is better than some of my other vices.  My lesson learned is that next time I will not stuff such a huge handful of spinach in my mouth all at once. Especially while sitting at a stop light in town!

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