Do You Want SPINACH With That?

“Do you want spinach with that?” is asked often in my house.  I put fresh spinach on just about everything and think it tastes good warm or cold n different dishes.  I have fresh spinach in my refrigerator all the time.

Recent studies continue to talk about the wonderful versatility of spinach.  The leafy vegetable is not only rich in water-soluble vitamins, fat-soluble vitamins, and minerals, but there are many different nutritional benefits either raw or cooked.  I have heard spinach called “one of the worlds healthiest foods”.

There are many different ways to incorporate spinach into a meal plan. I always use raw spinach and usually double the amount that a recipe calls for or that looks OK when I make up recipes.  I like to put it in salads, soups, eggs, vegetable bowls, quinoa dishes, Italian dishes, Mexican meals, homemade pizza, Panini’s, macaroni and cheese and I always use spinach instead of lettuce in recipes, tacos, sandwiches, etc. I even put a bed of spinach down under grilled meats and where ever else I can tuck it in to a meal.

My husband is a good sport when it comes to spinach. He likes it and eats it…most of the time.  As I said, I always double the amount and sometimes that is just too much for him.  He jokes about his favorite winter soups that they get “ruined” with so much spinach in them.  But he eats them anyway and always says they are delicious! (Love that guy).

Steve says that one day I should write a cookbook with the title “Spinach, Every Day in Every Meal”!  Do you want spinach with that?

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