My Favorite Time of Day

I love to run but since my body won’t let me run every day I also hike, bike, strength train, swim, walk. My run days are my favorite. I love my running routine.

I am also a morning person. I wake up early even without my alarm clock. On my long run days of 10 miles or more, I start running while it is still dark out. This is my secret time when I slip out of my house without anyone knowing. The world is quiet and the streets belong to me.

I like to get a few miles behind me before the sun begins to rise. This is not scientific by any means, but in my mind, it takes the sun about 20-30 minutes to fully rise. I finish my run in the daylight. The sunrise is a glorious process to watch , it is my favorite time of day and it is the PERFECT way to start my day.

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