Runner Problems from a Crazy Competitor!

I am a runner.  There are other fitness activities that I like, but I am a runner at heart.  I love the days I get to run in the early morning (My Favorite Time of Day) when the day belongs only to me.  I am not only a runner; I am a competitor and I have runner problems!

My Problem

Here is my struggle.  I am not a hot weather runner.  Heat and humidity are taxing on me and I truly prefer cold weather running. As an example, my best marathon time was on a miserable weather day.  It was cold and sleeting and I had a great run.

In the summer, I change my run schedule based on the days it is cooler than others.  So, if I am scheduled to run on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday one week but Tuesday morning is cooler (74 degrees instead of 77 degrees) I will change my days around. I would rather run on the 74 degree morning.

The other thing about me as a runner, is that I don’t run just to run.  I run to race against the clock and to get better with my time. I try to be a fast runner and I usually finish a race in the top of my age group.   More importantly to me, I like to finish in the top 5-10 % of all females who entered the race.

So, here is my problem.  I signed up to run one of my favorite half marathons in KC this spring.  It is a great course and I have run it many years.  The event was early in April, so I trained all winter to be prepared for the race.  

This year, because of COVID, the race was cancelled. Or, I should say it was rescheduled for later in the summer. That was the problem. 

Later in the summer?

Do you know how hot and humid it is in KC later in the summer?  Geez!

My Dilemma

My dilemma then was to run or not to run.  I did not want to miss this half marathon.  It would be fun, and I enjoy running with others.  On the other hand, I did not want to do it because I knew I would run slow in the heat and humidity.  I would not have the finish time I was counting on.


The race was delayed again! YEA! I am now going to run it virtually so my runner problems are over. A few of us are running it in November. Let me know if you want to join us!

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