5 Ways to Care for Yourself

Do you think finding time to take care of yourself first is achievable?  When I hear those words I think they sound a little selfish.  But the more I think about it, the more I agree with the thought. 

When I hear “take care yourself first”, I think of all the things I have to do and all the people that I take care of or have taken care of in the past.  Putting myself first is not an easy concept to accept or an easy thing to do. As I journey through life I think of all the different ways I have learned to take care of myself.

1. Have an Exercise Routine

Exercise has always been important and the reason why I choose to get up early to do it. When our kids were young, I would get up very early to get my run in before there was any movement in the house. I could run and shower and no one even knew that I was gone.

Early morning also ensured that I would get my activity in before the day got started. That worked for me and it was my way of putting myself first.

2. Develop Strong Relationships

Marriage or strong relationships can be another way of taking care of one’s self.  Steve and I have been married almost 30 years, that is a really long time and I must have gotten married when I was extremely young!

We both had been married before and when I married my guy with three young kids, I was excited but thought we would never have time for ourselves again.  

With kids and the other pressures of life, finding time was hard.  We feel we are more in love today then when we first got married (by the way, we only knew each other for 9 months before we tied the knot!)

3. Eat Healthy

Avoiding non-processed food takes time and commitment in the kitchen, but the time spent in meal planning and prep work is well worth the effort. 

Healthy eating is not only what I do for myself, but also my family which now includes our kids, their spouses and 5 grandchildren.  (I do have to admit, sometimes I make two meals; a healthy one for adults and food our grand-kids will eat!)

4. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is an area that I protect.  People who know me are aware of my schedule and do not call me after 9:00 pm. I take about an hour to wind down, get away from electronics and TV, relax and read in bed (or fall asleep with my book falling out of my hands). Getting 7 hours of sleep is not a luxury is it a necessity for my well being.

5. Reflect on Ways to Improve

Self-reflection is a part of life.  My daily goal is to look at what life dishes me in a positive light. Sometimes I jump to the negative so I am a work in progress as I strive to look for small silver linings and reflect on the lessons of life.

Taking time to keep our lives in balance is what health and wellness are all about.  We have to find the time to balance our marriage and relationships, healthy eating, exercise and activity, and sleep while reflecting and learning more about ourselves. 

I have not been perfect at this balancing act, but I do know that I strive to find balance in my daily life and activities.  I think I have been a stronger, healthier and happier gal because I have tried to find balance and take time to care of myself.

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