It Takes Hard Work to Achieve Your Goals

What is your dream or goal you want to achieve? Does the progress towards it come easy or does it take a great deal of effort?  In my experience, it takes hard work to achieve your goals.  That hard work usually includes a slow journey faced with many challenges.

Here are 7 attributes that have helped people reach their fitness goals:

  • Self confidence
    • Say encouraging words and believe in yourself.  Get up in the morning with self-confidence knowing what you will do today to take care of yourself to live a healthy life.  
  • Focus
    • Keep focused on your long-term goals. As an example, instead of trying to loose weight for one upcoming event, focus on getting healthy for life.
  • Commitment
    • I was listening to a book on tape recently and the gal said something that surprised me.  She said that people who work out have it so easy.  EASY? I think the exact opposite.  Working out is hard work. It takes a big commitment of time, and energy every day.
  • Time management
    • Schedule time on your calendar.  Make an appointment with yourself. Important appointments like a dentist and Dr. visit are recorded; write down time for your fitness.  Schedule time for walking with friends, weight lifting, or yoga class.
  • Self discipline
    • I work out first thing in the morning. I wake up and do some type of workout.  This is my habit and what works for me.  I don’t even have to think about it, I just do it.
  • Trust the process
    • Are you willing to change a behavior or create a habit without seeing the results?  You will not see change from one day to the next.  You will see results over the long term.  Trust the process and believe in the journey. 
  • Resiliency
    • Expect setbacks and learn from them.  I have had MANY set backs on my journey.  As a runner, I have had injuries that have caused me not to run and to miss important races. It would be easier some days to give up. I do not give up. I give myself time to heal, and start over again.


Usually nothing in life comes easily.  It takes hard work and perseverance to achieve your goals. However, the time you spend getting fit does pay off. You will see results as you continue your fitness life by design journey.

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