It’s All About Their Character

I am a Chiefs fan and live in the Kansas City area. And as you know, the Super Bowl is just around the corner.  Kansas City is so excited and is going all out to support our champion team.  This is a HUGE deal for us since the Chiefs have not been to the Super Bowl in 50 years.  The one and only other time the Chiefs went to the Super Bowl they beat the Vikings 23-7 in 1970.  So, let me say it again…Kansas City is thrilled!

We have lights, signs, banners, rallies, jerseys, hats, sweatshirts, and red everywhere.  Kids have Patrick Mahomes haircuts, people have tattoos.  There are parties planned; in homes and public locations.  I am betting not many people will be out on the streets during the game.

It’s All About Character

With all this excitement, what I really want to say about the Chiefs is not about their statistics or their win-loss record.  I want to tell you about their character.  Every time our amazing quarterback, Patrick Mahomes is interviewed, he talks about the team.  When he is asked a question about his skill or an astonishing throw, his answer is focused on his teammates.  When they review a recent game, again, he brags about the KC team. 

Mahomes is not the only player to do this.  Many other players pump each other up and give answers that their touchdown run, or block, or tackle was due to other members of the team.

What a great impression they are making on all of us. In addition, the team is a great role model for our youth. For me, it is all about their character and the great legacy they are leaving for the #ChiefsKingdom. 

Proud of Our Chiefs

Kansas City is so proud of our Chiefs.  We are proud of our season, our coaches, our players, our record, and our fans. No matter what happens on February 2, or who wins the Super Bowl, the season has been all about their character.  The Chiefs are winners in the hearts and minds of Kansas City. 

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