How Do You Choose to Support Others?

Do you remember a time you achieved something? How did you feel about yourself?  Now think back to a time when a friend or colleague experienced success.  How did you feel then?  When those around you succeed, how do you choose to support them? 

The other day I was talking to Nicole, a friend of mind.  She gave me an update about her work peer, Leigh. Leigh was new to the team and still learning content and how to lead others. Nicole was a veteran and very knowledgeable and skilled. Their manager asked Leigh to work on a project.  This was a great confidence booster for Leigh even with her struggles.  I was so impressed with Nicole’s reaction.  Instead of being resentful and jealous when she was not picked, she chose to be happy for Leigh.  Nicole knew that this assignment and boost in confidence was just what Leigh needed. 

Based on this experience and many others that I have observed, here are some things to keep in mind when others succeed.

  • Self-Awareness- This is not about your lack of ability.  It is not your turn; it is about the success of the other person.
  • Listen- Be curious, ask questions and listen with intent and compassion.
  • Character- It is easy to show healthy character traits in times of joy and success.  True character is revealed when you are being tested.
  • Health- Having an optimistic view toward others helps to protect and reduce health issues such as cardiovascular disease.
  • Relationships- Celebrating others can improve your relationship with them.  It is also important to have that safe place to share life’s’ ups and downs.


How do you choose to support them? Supporting the success of others is not only the right thing to do, but it could have many benefits for you as well.

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