The Power of Visualization in Life

What is visualization? How do you explain the power of visualization?  Visualization is the ability to see the results before they happen.  You can see in your mind the outcome you will achieve.  Having the physical capability is important.  But seeing the execution in your mind is golden!

People who see the clearest, rise to the top.  Do you catch the ball in your mind, or do you fumble it?  Goals can be achieved when you picture yourself succeeding.

Story of Visualization

This reminds me of a recent story that I heard.  I was listening to a golfer talk about perfection. He visualizes in his mind making 100 perfect putts.  Then, he physically makes the putts.  If he misses on putt 99 or 100, then the count starts over at 1 until he makes 100 perfect putts in a row.  He went on to say that a young golfer asked him the difference between the 1st place golfer and the 50th placed golfer.  He said it was this ability to visualize and then follow through.

He never thinks that making 50 putts is good enough.  His visualization and physical practice is to 100.  Physical practice combined with this mental rehearsal is where greatness happens. 

There are many powerful stories of how visualization has affected outcomes.  During the 1986 world series, Red Sox 1st baseman Bill Buckner let a ball roll through his legs.  He not only visualized this prior to the game but he talked about it during an earlier interview.

We do not want to repeat the Bill Buckner mistake.

Visualization Ideas

When you are visualizing and thinking about your success, consider these:

  • Set crystal clear goals
  • See prefect execution
  • Build muscle memory with repetition

Do you believe in the power of visualization? What are you allowing your mind to tell yourself?

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