HALT when You Feel Off Base

Do you feel off balance at times? Are you not quite yourself? I know that I feel this way at times.  Do you have an off day or time of the day that things are not going the way you thought they would be?  This is a great time to stop, think about what is going on with yourself, take some action, and get back on track. HALT

I had a few meetings recently with a business associate.  This person is smart, steady, funny, and caring. During one of our recent meetings, things were not right. I could tell that he was in a different mood, that he was agitated and just not himself.  We completed our business and went on our way.  The next time we met, the first thing he did was apologize for the way he acted.  He really did not have anything to apologize for, he was not impatient or rude.  He did share his self-reflection, saying he had a lot on his mind, had not slept well and had not eaten. 

Here are a few things that I learned from him:

  • Apologize, even if you don’t have to
  • Self-reflation helps to keep you on course
  • Be courteous to others even when you are having an off day
  • Find out what the core problem is and take some action


This situation reminded me of HALT.  I am sure you have heard of this acronym.  It stands for Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired. These are good areas for self-reflection during these off times.  Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

Hungry– our bodies need nourishment to function at the optimum level

  • When was the last time you ate? Do you need food?
  • Are you thirsty? Dehydrated?
  • Do you have certain food cravings?

Angry– emotions and feelings are ok, it is how we choose to behave that can be of concern

  • What is your mood? What is causing you to feel this way?
  • Another feeling can replace angry (scared, embarrassed, worried, etc.)

Lonely– we need interactions

  • Are you lacking self-connection? Do you feel isolated?
  • Is there a certain person you are missing?
  • Are you withdrawing from a situation?
  • Do you feel misunderstood?

Tired– sleep is an important aspect of our overall health

  • Are you getting 7-9 hours of sleep at night?
  • Do you need a nap or a break to recharge?
  • Do you have the energy you need?

When you are feeling off base, remember HALT. Stop, think about what is going on with yourself, take corrective action, and get back on track. And, always be kind to others!

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