Time to Get Back on Track

Do you get off track from your eating goals at times?  I know that I do. 

Off Track

The most recent time for me was during the recent KC Chiefs Super Bowl.  Today is a new day however and time to get back on track with my normal routine.

Picture the scene; we are in the 3 quarter of the Super Bowl.  It is the first time that the Chiefs have been in the Super Bowl for 50 years and we are losing 20-10.  Things have not been going our way. We are nervous and heart broken. So, what do we do? 

Eat more junk!

We ate more of those delightful treats that we normally limit ourselves to during daily life.  We laughed about it and then my son suggested that I could write a blog about it.  He said, “write a blog about the fact that we all get off track.” 

He is so right!  We all make poor choices occasionally and fall off the wagon.  We also have the opportunity to get back up as quickly as the next day.

On Track

The trick is to be prepared for getting off track (because it will happen) and know how you will handle it. What will you say to yourself?  Will you be kind and give yourself some grace or be harsh and unkind? 

It is also important to know that you CAN and WILL get back up.  What will the next day look like?  For me, it was back to my usual routine for my meals and snacks. 

I have a friend who says they lose the same 5 pounds over and over.  I get it.  So, do I.  I eat healthy and stay on track and then get off track like during the recent Super Bowl.  I don’t get on the scale to see if I have gained weight, I just go back on my healthier eating habits. I am thankful for the time to get back on track.

Getting off track is not the time to beat ourselves up or feel guilty. Its’ a time to regroup, reassess and recommit to your long-term goal.

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