Make Small Changes for Success

I was talking to a friend the other day about her new routine.  She was excited that she had consistently gotten up at 5:30 AM for the past two weeks.  One of the secrets to success was that she made a small change.  She used to get up at 6 AM and then moved her alarm back 30 minutes.  Making small changes for success and consistency was the key.

What changes do you want to make that will help you live a healthy lifestyle?  Look for the low hanging fruit or what is doable today.  Do the things that give you the greatest sense of satisfaction.  

Small changes are what helps with consistency and help to create new routines.  Many times, we jump to a huge change.  We are excited and want to reach that new goal now.  We make that leap just to find that we slip back into our old comfort zones or old ways of doing things.  That is when small steps come into play. 

Runners do not go from running a 5K to running a marathon.  They gradually make small changes from running 3 miles to 4, to 5 miles and beyond.  They slowly work their way up with small gradual increases.  The same is true with any new routine.  There are many reasons to make small changes.

Reasons to Make Small Changes

  • Easier to manage
  • Gives you hope for the future
  • Visualize your success
  • Wrap your head around it or grasp the concept
  • Feeling of accomplishment
  • Control over your destination
  • Don’t get burnt out

When you make changes, remember that you are on a journey.  It takes hard work and journey’s do not always go as planned. That is OK.  The important thing is to make small changes for success. You have seven chances to make a change before the week is up.

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