What Nine Components Can Make Up a Healthy Body?

I like to talk about being healthy and fit versus losing weight.  One client I have wants to be healthy and is not focused on weight loss.  I have another who just wants the number on the scale to go down.  Recently, the one concerned about the scale asked if they should follow keto or paleo to lose weight.  My mind immediately went to what nine components can make up a healthy body.

Being healthy is my desired goal. Having a certain number on the scale is not a priority.  I know people who, regardless of their body composition and weight, are not healthy. Some look emaciated or lack muscle tone or don’t have energy to sustain themselves throughout the day. 

So, when people talk about losing weight, I like to change the question or conversation to how to become healthy and fit.

Healthy Body Components

A healthy figure looks different on each body type.  Some are bigger boned, stronger, leaner, shorter, etc.  However, there are several elements that can lead to health for all body types.

  • Hydration- drink plenty of plain water during the day
  • Stress- lower stress levels and keep them in control
  • Exercise– be consistent with activity and movement
  • Muscles- build strong muscles and develop muscle tone
  • Fast- give body time to rest from eating and use internal energy sources
  • Food-eat unprocessed, whole foods and stay clear from unhealthy oils
  • Sleep- get 7-8 hours per night
  • Limit or illuminate unhealthy habits- tobacco, alcohol, fried foods, etc.
  • Rejuvenate- time for reflection, relaxation, meditation, positive self-talk

These factors help get a body in line so it can become healthy and strong.  A restrictive diet seems to lead toward failure and notice that “diet” it is not on the above list.  The 9 components can help to make the body healthy.  Pick one or two to start with, then once they become habits, add a couple more from the list. Remember, being healthy is a life journey, not an overnight fix.

Connect with a Coach/Accountability Partner

Fitness Life By Design is for those of us who want to remain healthy and active as the years fly by.  Fitness and exercise can’t make you younger, but it can help you feel and maybe look more youthful during the aging process. 

I cherish a healthy life style.  I have developed many healthy habits that have led me to my “Fitness Life By Design” lifestyle.  My purpose and mission is to coach, inspire, and teach others who want to change their current habits and take the necessary steps to create new habits and routines that will lead them to living their desired “Fitness Life By Design”.

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