Treat Exercise as Your Prescription for Improved Health

Be purposeful and intentional with exercise. Exercise is an important part of life.  You can manage your exercise as you would manage advise from your doctor.  Sometimes it takes a professional to give reminders of what is important.  When it comes to your health plan, treat exercise as your prescription for improved health. 

When I was a big runner and was at my annual Doctor’s visit, I mentioned my sore leg.  It was amazing what the Dr. told me.  After years of medical school and training, he told me what I already thought I knew.  He said, “If it hurts, don’t run!”  I thought that, but I just needed to hear it from him.  I took what he said seriously, and I did what he prescribed. 

Exercise as Your Prescription

Exercise has many physical and mental benefits. The idea is to treat exercise as you would treat a prescription/advise from your doctor.  (Always talk with your doctor before you start an exercise plan.)

  • Start with the amount you need
    • Not everyone gets the same dosage of medications.  Your dose is based on what your body can handle
  • Do exercises that are right for you
    • The doctor does not give everyone the same prescription, they give you what your body needs
  • Be consistent – 3 to 4 times a week
    • Medications come with directions of how often to take them
  • Schedule it on your calendar
    • Write it on your calendar as you would a reminder to take your daily pills or an appointment with your doctor

We know that exercise is good for health.  It is so important that it is one of the questions that Dr’s ask.  Do you exercise, and how often?  As we all age, we can invest in our future by exercising regularly.   It is good to treat exercise as your prescription for improved health.

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