Always Be Developing as a Way of Life

We have heard many times that life is a journey.  I know this is true for me.  Since my life is a voyage, I want to be learning and improving. My new philosophy is ABD- always be developing as a way of life.

I hear many stories about people and what they choose for their lives. One example of ABD is from a friend.  In his career, he was a great leader of people.  In retirement, he developed into a great artist.  He created wonderful pencil renderings of his family and friends.  He not only wanted to continue to improve, but he also executed it by learning how to draw. 

In contrast, another story is of a lady who wanted to live a long life.  She thought about all the things she wanted to do.  However, she never acted on her ideas. She sat for years developing her bucket list until she could no longer get out of her chair nor even walk. 

It is one thing to think about always wanting to learn and develop. It is another thing to execute and put into action that philosophy.

My Passion

My passion is health and fitness, I will continue to develop my knowledge in this area.   Some of the areas I am learning about now are:

  • Nutrition and healthy eating
  • Building muscle mass
  • Sleeping restfully
  • Aging gracefully
  • Developing new healthy habits

Some of the things that I have learned and implemented have made an impact on my health.   As an example, for many years I have had high cholesterol.  It is hereditary.  No matter what I eat, how much I exercise, or other changes I make, my cholesterol has remained high.  As I live my philosophy of ABD, I have learned more about cholesterol and have made some dietary changes. I recently had my cholesterol tested.  It is still high, but the numbers have gone down. That is a great shift in the right direction!  I will continue to visit with my doctor about what I am researching and learning.   

Always be developing as a way of life is my passion. If you are interested in beginning or enhancing your journey, I would love to connect.  

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