Tackle Your Mindset Challenges and Implement Practical Strategies

I am honored that you have an interest in Fitness Life By Design.  I am Gail, a transformation, fitness, and lifestyle coach who can help tackle your mindset challenges and implement practical strategies that can help you live healthier, active lives.

Are you the type of person who will read something one time, try it out the next day, and then make it part of your routine and habits? If so, then yea!  However, many of us are not like that. 

It is hard to create new habits and stick with them.  I think of all my unaccomplished resolutions over the years.  I start strong and then quickly revert to my old comfortable way of doing things. 

Fitness Life By Design is for those of us who want to remain healthy and active as the years fly by. Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered where your youth went?  Fitness and exercise can’t make you younger, but it can help you feel and maybe look more youthful during the aging process.  I share specifics about staying active and strong, eating healthy, and keeping a positive attitude.  It is easy to read about these things, but most of us need support in implementing them.  That is where the Coaching comes in. 

Lifestyle Coach

We talk, plan, tell stories, and provide information as you work to achieve your goals. As the great football coach Tom Landry said, “A Coach is someone who:

  • Tells you what you don’t want to hear,
  • Has you see what you don’t want to see,
  • So, you can be who you have always known you could be.” 

Lifestyle Journey Steps Include

  • Initial call to chart your course from present to future
  • Personalized weekly coaching/accountability sessions
  • Individual plan based on what success looks like to you
  • Self-guided class on mindset traps, creating healthy habits, fitness, and healthy eating

If you are looking for just a link to workout videos you are in the wrong place.  If you want to tackle your mindset challenges and implement practical strategies, then it is time to get started with Fitness Life By Design.

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