Compliment and Support One Another; Will You Accept the Challenge?

Do we compliment and support one another enough? Do we need to promote each other more? I was listening to a motivational podcast and the host was sharing a story about the women in her audience.  She had taken an impromptu survey and learned that out of the 1,000 women in attendance, 98% of them hated their bodies.  Wow, that is a surprising and sad statistic.

Rachel’s Story

Soon after learning these statistics, I learned about a successful older woman.  The story was about her life and some of the virtues that she lived by while building her cosmetic business. Rachel was successful in many areas.  The most important lesson she learned and lived by was to compliment and support one another.  She spent her life not only building her business but helping other women with their confidence.  This practice became second nature to Rachel and in turn, this habit turned out to be one of the greatest assets in her success. Through her everyday life she helped other women see their worth and value. 

When I heard this story, I thought of the 98% of the women surveyed who hated their bodies.  What would Rachel do to help these women build their confidence?  The part of her story that stood out to me was how she complimented other women.  Rachel took the time to find a specific element to give tribute to another woman.  She would look that woman in the eyes and sincerely deliver a compliment. 

Compliment Challenge

Here is the challenge…make a commitment to give 1 sincere compliment to another woman every day.  You don’t need to know that woman, it could be someone walking next to you in the parking lot. The goal is to lift up other women. Find something special about them and let them know. Once you have met the 1 compliment a day challenge, then move it up to 2-3 sincere compliments each day.  There is no end date to this challenge. 

Remember Rachel’s story.  Complimenting and supporting one another was one of the greatest assets in her success.  Let’s look for ways to promote each other. Will you accept the challenge?

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