90 Meals – Opportunities for Change

Ninety Meals?  That is a big number, it is how many meals we eat in a 30-day month if we eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  To look at it another way, that is 1,095 meals in a year.  That number is overwhelming, so let’s break it up. 90 Meals – opportunities for change in a month are another way to look for possibilities and small steps to reaching goals.

Some people want to eat healthier and then they possibly struggle with the changes, details and planning that might take.  Experts say to be most successful it is important to make changes in small increments.  That is why the concept of 90 meals is exciting.  Below are a list of goals or actions people talk about taking.  As you read through the list, pick 2-3 that are top priorities for you.

90 Chances To:

  • increase awareness of the foods you choose to eat
  • try again when you make choices you are not happy with
  • learn new ways of cooking chicken, veggies, salmon, etc.
  • put your fork down between bites
  • add more veggies to your meals
  • eat what you enjoy
  • drink water with the meal
  • set an example for your kiddos
  • recognize correct portions
  • eat slow and chew your food
  • cut down on sugar
  • plan out your meals
  • limit processed foods
  • eat different colors of the rainbow
  • find balance in eating treats
  • prepare food in advance
  • acknowledge each success, no matter how small

I want to point out what is not on this list.  When healthy eating is the goal, sometimes people start with these actions.  They do not need to be on the list at all.

90 Chances Does Not Include:

  • deprive yourself
  • count calories obsessively
  • go on a diet
  • cut out all your favorite foods
  • stop eating
  • engage in negative, destructive self-talk

Did you find 2-3 areas to focus on (and know what to make sure is not on your list)?  Now, you have up to 90 meals – opportunities for change to give these focus areas a try.  You don’t have to do it all at once or do it all for the first meal.  There are 90 chances this month to test it out and implement the new actions. Then, next month you will have 90 more times to act. 

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