We Can Control Many Things; Just Never the Scale

The question seems to be, what can we control?  We can control many things; just never the scale. Once we step on it, we do not have the power to change the number on that dreaded bathroom scale. We do however, have control over choices we make in life that can affect the scale. Here are some examples.

What We Can Control:

  • Food Choices
    • Fresh over processed foods
    • Fruits, vegetables, nuts over junk snack foods
    • Eating healthy proteins
  • Daily Activity
    • Aerobic exercises like biking, running, dancing, etc.
    • Weightlifting and strength training
    • Walks
  • Thoughts
    • Self-talk to protect your mental health
    • Remaining on your positive track when others try to sabotage it
  • How You See Your Body
    • I am a beautiful, healthy woman with my unique qualities
    • I am thankful I have healthy legs for walking, instead of, I am shaped like a triangle; all my weight is around my thighs
  • Looking for success in small places…….
    • I had one cookie instead of 5
    • I walked up the stairs instead of taking the elevator

 Also, pick other measures for success besides using the scale.  Some ideas are:

  • Body fat % can decrease without the scale decreasing
  • Clothes fit better
  • Keep track of inches lost
  • Take pictures of your progress (before, during, maintenance)
  • Feeling less stressed and anxious
  • Getting stronger in mind and body

We can control many things; just never the scale.  Coaching can help support new behaviors and habits. We have the power to develop healthy, successful patterns that give us control to live our lifestyle of choice. 

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