Do You Slip Back a Little at a Time in Your Weight Loss Journey?

Once people reach their weight loss goals, it is possible to fall back into their old routines. This can reverse all the good work they have accomplished.  The term yo-yo dieting comes to mind.  Some people report it feels like they live on a roller coaster with their weight.  They reach their goal and then can struggle with maintaining it. They slip back a little at a time in their weight loss journey.

Client Story

I was talking to a client, and he was sharing his weight loss story. He talked about his successes.  Then shared how allowing old habits to creep back into his life affected his weight loss.  He had lost 30 pounds and felt satisfied.  He began to slip back to some old routines and then the weight began to creep back on.  Here are some of the habits he loosened up on: 

  • putting cream in coffee
  • eating sugar
  • snacking on junk food between meals
  • having an adult drink with dinner
  • eating at all hours of the day
  • not limiting serving size
  • skipping his daily walking routine

He gained 1-2 pounds a month which was not a significant amount until it added up to gaining 15 pounds back.  That was half the weight he had lost.  Along the way, he would say it is only 1-2 pounds but that kept adding up! Those little slips made a big difference.

He is learning how to maintain his weight loss and is looking for that sweet spot between gaining and losing.  Learning how to maintain your weight is a key component. The goal for many is to stop allowing old unwanted habits to sneak back in. It can be hard to find the balance to maintain your weight loss.  So, what is the right answer?

Journey to Find Balance

There is a different answer for everyone.  Look for warning signs when old habits try to sneak back in.  It is a constant journey to find that balance.  Take action at 1-2 pounds and not let it continue to 15 pounds or more.  Be intentional about looking for your triggers that get you off track.  Learn what your body needs so you don’t slip back a little at a time in your weight loss journey.

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