Rewired Mindset Can Lead to Hope for Your Future!

Hope and possibilities are such encouraging words. They are what dreams are made of. Hope is thinking about the future, what can be, or something that can happen. Possibilities are expectations, or desires for certain things to happen.  These two concepts align very well with each other and a rewired mindset can lead to hope for your future.

In contrast, history and memories can be wonderful or not wonderful at all.  If they fall into that second category, sometimes they can hold you back. Remembering history can hinder you from dreaming.

I am betting that most of us have things in our history that, if we had the chance, we would ask for a re-do, an opportunity to write history another way.  These incidences are learning opportunities. After we learn from them, let them go. Do not hold on to them and let them define who you are or hinder you from all the possibilities in your future.

A Story:

I know a gal who wants to live a more fitness-oriented lifestyle.  She has been working to change the way she talks to herself about her history.  Her past experiences around fitness have not been successful.  She is rewiring her mindset and learning about what triggers her old mindset. Acknowledging and learning from her past and then releasing it are really helping her.

She has been working on visualizing her future and changing her self-talk.  Working on not letting her past influence her fitness efforts now is a priority.  At lunch, she now talks a walk instead of spending time on her phone.  She has put encouraging sayings around her house that she sees several times a day.  One of her favorite sayings is “you can become whomever you think you can!”  She is making a conscious effort to think about herself in a new, different manner so she can move toward hope and possibilities.

Don’t let negative history define you.  Let your dreams and aspirations define your future. Live for your possibilities not for your history.  Your desire for change and a rewired mindset can lead to hope for your future!

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