Fitness Is All About Your Mindset

How do you think about fitness and your wellbeing?  Is it something you must do but don’t want to do? Is it a chore? Or is it a joy, a challenge, a blessing that you have the opportunity to be active and fit?  I think health and fitness are all about the way we think about them. 

Recently I mentioned to someone that I was having a meeting at my house the next morning at 9am. We had been out of town for the weekend and I wanted to mow, then the next morning after I worked out at the gym, I would set up for the meeting and potluck, do the drinks, bake the coffeecake, and any other final details.

“The gym!”  That surprised my friend that I would go to the gym prior to being ready for guests at 9AM.


Here is what I was thinking.  Of course I would go to the gym.  Why wouldn’t I?  Exercising in the morning is my way of life.   Nothing interrupts that routine, (it’s just like brushing my teeth).  I am thrilled and blessed that I GET TO be active everyday. I know exactly what I am going to do the next morning (run, core and weights at the gym, bike, swim, walk, etc.) because before I go to bed, I throw my workout clothes on the floor of my closet.  Boom!  I wake up in the morning, put on what is on the floor and my day begins! 

Ok, so I had to set my alarm just a little earlier that morning to get it all done, but the thought of not exercising was NEVER on my mind.  Fitness is a part of me; it is what I do and who I am. 

How does fitness relate to you and your life?  What are you thinking?

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