Health Journey with the Detours in Life

I have been on a health journey my entire adult life.  It is how I choose to live my life.  I am not perfect at it. I have my ups and downs and many detours. 

When I think of my journey to live a healthy, happy life, I think of a heartbeat.  A heartbeat has its ups and downs.  We know that is how it works, and we count on it.  When it goes up on the scan, we know it will go down.  I know my health journey looks like that.  I too have my ups and downs.  What does your health journey look like?

The question is, what will you do when things don’t go as planned?  Will you quit and walk away?  Or will you tell yourself that the downturn was expected, and you have a plan to get yourself back on track?

It took Thomas Edison over 1,000 tries to create the light bulb. It takes a great deal of grit and perseverance to get back on track and try again, especially after attempting over 999 times!

When I face an obstacle and am caught off guard by it, I think about these three things:

  • Beliefs control our behavior
  • Behavior dictates our actions
  • Actions become our reality

I know that my mindset and how I think about things will help me be successful. What I believe and say to myself will help me get back up on the road on my health journey.

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