What is in Your Small Pink Suitcase?

When my sister and I were little girls, we each had a small pink suitcase that measured about 12×15.  We had them for years and we stored our treasures in them.  Most of the time my sister carried one of her favorite dolls and some doll clothes in hers.  Mine contained dirt, worms and my Girl Scout green pocketknife.

I was on a hike recently with two of my dear grandchildren.  My granddaughter is 14, and my grandson is 8.  I was telling them about my pink suitcase. They thought my dirt and worms were hysterical.  I asked them if they had a pink suitcase, what would they put inside?  The 14-year-old had a quick one-word answer.  “iPhone” was her reply.  The 8-year-old would put in a ball, a couple of his favorite toys, and a knife to keep him safe.

It is interesting how what is in our suitcases represent what we cherish in life.  My sister who had the doll is a really good mom and grandmother.  My granddaughter lives on her phone.  And, my grandson is ALL boy and does not sit still, he would put things in his suitcase to help keep him busy. 

Yesterday, when Steve and I were hiking in the woods, I realized I was in heaven. It was cool and windy, and all the leaves were off the trees.  I felt such a sense of calm hiking in the woods.   My dirt and worms represented my love for being outside in nature.

What do you cherish in life?  Which items represent what is important to you? What would you choose to put in your small pink suitcase?

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