Benefits From Walking as a Habit

There are many benefits of walking.  If you walk fast or slow, there are still many gains from getting out there and going around the block a few times.

It was a beautiful fall day recently and I was on a new trial for an afternoon walk.  I had driven by this trail a few times and was excited to learn about the route. I learned the trail does not go all around the lake. The path stops and does not connect, it makes a big horseshoe. 

Since the path goes out and back, you pass the same people a few times.  I passed a couple who were out strolling and enjoying the day.  The first time I passed them they were holding hands and chatting.  The second time I saw them, the lady said to me, “you make me feel like a snail”.  I responded by saying something about just being outside today was wonderful.

Her comment got me thinking about types of walks.  Steve and I have two types of walks.  We have tennis shoe walks and flip flop walks. That day I was on a tennis shoe walk.  Tennis shoe walks are about raising heart rates and walking as a workout.   Flip flop walks are slow, lazy, and about being together outside.

No matter what type of walk you are on, there are benefits from getting outside and moving.

Some of the benefits from walking are:

  • Makes you feel better
  • Helps control your weight
  • Allows you to soak in sunshine and vitamin D
  • Improves your muscles, bones and joints
  • Delays aging
  • Improves heart health
  • Requires no special equipment
  • Costs no money

What else could you add to the list?  There are many other benefits that I have not mentioned. So, if you choose a tennis shoe or flip flop walk, be confident by knowing there are benefits for either.  

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