Are You a Logical or Emotional Thinker In Situations?

What part of your brain do you use when talking to others? Are you more of a logical or emotional thinker? I know that I use both. However, when I am disturbed about something, I am working on letting my negative emotions calm down before I communicate. 

When we communicate with anger, frustration or annoyance the issue many times becomes about us.  The other person can’t “hear” what we are saying because all they can hear are the emotions. In return, they remember the way we talked instead of the message we were trying to convey. 

As an example, when parents correct their children in an angry manner, the kids say, “she doesn’t like me, she is just angry all the time”.  The issue is about the parents’ frustration instead of the child being accountable for their actions.

Here is a recent story. A friend of mine was responding to a situation that happened to her. The offender had handled the situation with yelling, anger, and name calling.  The offender was definitely talking with negative emotions.   

When this gal responded, she did so with her logical brain. She rose above the tense situation and did not mirror the emotion that she was witnessing.  She was not full of negative emotions and choose to talk from her logical brain. Her emotions were under control so she could replay in a calm manner.  This made a huge impact.

It is easy to let your emotions guide what you say.  I want to be more in control when I am angry or frustrated.  I want others to focus on my message instead of my feelings. Are you more of a logical or emotional thinker when you are disturbed about something?

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