Believe in Yourself First

Do you like yourself? Are you happy with who you are? As you navigate life and relationships, you have to believe in yourself first.

If you are struggling with having confidence or even liking yourself, you are not alone.  I talk with several people who have these same struggles.  They have anxiety about disappointing others, not being enough, and not believing in themselves.

The words you say and the thoughts you think are so important for a healthy mindset. What you believe or say to yourself will become your reality. You become what you believe.  Here are 5 strategies to help you focus on having a positive mindset about yourself.

5 Strategies

  • Start or end your day writing in a journal
    • Write three things you are thankful for each day, three things that bring you joy.
    • When I reread my journal, I notice that most of my joys are the simple things in life.  For me, it is time with my husband, a home cooked meal, a fun time with the grandchildren and family, a long run, working in the yard, etc.
  • Say kind words to yourself
    • You are a self-fulfilling prophecy. What you say and believe becomes your reality.
    • Be intentional about the words you use, it is ok to struggle at times in life, it is not healthy to say you are a failure.
  • Concentrate on your blessings
    • Think about your blessings.  These might include family, friends, a special relationship, a spiritual connection, athletic ability, fine art talents, etc.
    • Remind yourself of what you are thankful for by putting up stick notes (on your refrigerator, coffee pot, bathroom mirror, laundry room, steering wheel, etc.)
  • Give yourself time
    • Give yourself permission to not have everything figured out.  It might take 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months, etc.
    • Celebrate the small steps and successes along your journey
    • The time is for discovery, it can be an exciting process
  • Do something that brings you joy
    • Exercise, walk around the block
    • Get a pedicure
    • Put a date on the calendar with friends
    • Take a class on something you are interested in
    • Read positive affirmations


Life is a rollercoaster.  We all have struggles; we all have ups and downs.  As you journey through life you must believe in yourself first.  Focus on having a positive mindset.  Believing in yourself will help you face what life brings your way.

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