The Responsibility to Be Our Own Health Conductor

We have many responsibilities in life.  Our responsibilities pull us in many different directions and take up our time, attention, and our energy.  The one obligation that we all have in common is the responsibility to be our own heath conductor.  In our fast paced, overly busy lives, taking care of our health and fitness is essential to our well-being.  If we don’t take care of ourselves first, then it is hard to care for the rest of our responsibilities.

When I thought of the conductor concept, I looked up the responsibilities of an orchestra conductor.  The responsibilities can vary depending on the conductor’s orchestra, style, and approach.  There are, however, many similarities.  These similarities can relate to our health and fitness.

Be Our Own Health Conductor

  • Lead rehearsals
    • It is important to stretch, warm up, and ensure that the body is well-prepared to perform at its best. This includes warming up different muscle groups as needed for the workout or activity.
  • Conduct performances
    • Engage in physical activity.  Determine how much effort and energy is put into different movements. 
  • Select repertoire
    • Draw upon a variety of activities including cardio, weights, and interval training.  The variety helps to ensure that muscles have time to rest but also helps to keep the activities both challenging and rewarding.
  • Collaborate with others
    • Work with a coach, workout with a friend, join a fitness class.  Collaboration can help to ensure successful outcomes.
  • Manage the process
    • Schedule workout sessions on your calendar for the week. Keep a positive mindset to stay on track.  Stay hydrated and get enough sleep to perform at the highest level. 

As with the orchestra, the responsibility to be our own health conductor is the culmination of many moving parts.  It is the harmony of multiple segments of the body working together toward the same goal. That goal is to make beautiful music with your health and fitness.

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