The Reasons I Have a Fitness Coach

Coaches play an important role in providing guidance towards achieving individual goals.  They are needed in many areas of life; especially when improving health and fitness. Fitness coaches inspire, motivate, and educate to help clients transform and reach new levels of success.  There are many reasons I have a fitness coach.   

I lifted weights for many years.  My body changed some but there were not significant changes until I worked with my coach. He gave me a fresh perspective, enhanced my skills, and challenged me during my workouts. He optimizes my performance and overall well-being.   

My coach and trainer, Tyler, (shout out to the BEST coach) has impacted my life in many ways. We have worked together now for about 9 months. He helps me to continue to learn, grow, get stronger, and provide guidance on my fitness journey. The weekly sessions help keep me on track and helps to ensure I am getting the most benefit from lifting correctly. There are many benefits from working with a coach. Here is an overview of some of the top advantages.

Benefits of a Fitness Coach  

Effective workout plans

  • Design and develop personal plans
  • Focus on individual goals

Techniques and training methods

  • Correct positioning and form
  • Expertise on exercises
  • Protection from injury
  • Maximum stress on muscles
  • Target all muscle groups
  • Keep up with trends
  • Learn new movements

Nutritional advice

  • Healthy eating
  • Whole, nutritious foods


  • Hold responsible
  • Support to stay on track
  • Identify blind spots
  • Overcome mental blocks

Tracks Improvement

  • Measures growth
  • Percentage of muscle mass

Tyler’s guidance is one of the main reasons I have a fitness coach. Lifting weights is a part of my weekly habit but knowing I am accountable not only to myself but also to Tyler helps to keep me motivated and on track.

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